ABOUT – Huan [欢] by Chantelle


Huan [欢] by Chantelle is a design house based in Singapore.
The studio produces its own in-house art, object and sculptural collections, emphasising in homeware, glassware and decorative interior products.

Huan [欢] translates to the word happiness in Chinese, derived from the mandarin name of the founder. With the name in mind, Huan [欢] by Chantelle begins from a personal space of happiness, fulfilment and inspiration with the purpose of translating these emotions and perspectives into functional art and design.

About the founder

Chantelle is a multi-disciplinary designer emphasising in product and packaging design. Focused on intuitive values of aesthetics, much of her practice is centred on creating objects that bring both poetry and presence to the space it inhabits.

As both a Master of Arts and business communications graduate, Chantelles work often incorporates a collaborative process of conceptualisation and storytelling. Her background in fine art supports the derivation of abstract expression, allowing her to channel instinct, sensations and elemental experiences into her creative process and final designs.

For custom orders, sales enquires and design services,
kindly reach us via our contact form or email hello@huanbychantelle.com.

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