Collection: Holowine — Video & Editorial – Huan [欢] by Chantelle

Collection: Holowine — Video & Editorial


Our first glassware collection inspired by our love for wine and those late-night alcohol sessions. 

Holowine is an iridescent wine glass collection featuring two variations of opalescent wine glasses. Each glass embodies a unique gradient ombre tint, adorned with an authentic Swarovski crystal wine marker at its base. Packaged as a set of 4 in our exclusive holographic carriers, these wine glasses also make beautiful gifts for friends and loved ones.

Add a little colour and shine to your wine sessions with this mesmerising collection — glow with us.

Shop the collection here.
Designed by Studio Huan [] by Chantelle
Styling and editorial: Studio Huan [] by Chantelle
All images and videos belong exclusively to the studio.

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