Collection: Peculiar Objects — Ceramics – Huan [欢] by Chantelle

Collection: Peculiar Objects



The studio's latest ceramic collection of yet another weird but wonderful.

The ‘Peculiar Objects’ collection embodies forms, shapes and patterns representing oddity in function. Each piece is one of a kind, built by hand through slab work in varying mixtures of stoneware — glazed and fired in matte, semi-matte and polished textural finishes in warm, natural and earthy tones.

Photographed in food aesthetics, the collection showcases how these pieces are made for the home and the table; re-discovering less than common ways to add art into our daily routines and lifestyles.

Use them in how you deem fit, or not for that matter, for i hope you find beauty in their peculiarity.

Shop the collection here today.
Designed by Studio Huan [] by Chantelle
Styling and editorial: Studio Huan [] by Chantelle
Photography: Shermaine Law

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